Author: lemzquinn

How to become a Prayerful.?

All you need  to do in your life to become a prayerful person is ,
You must read Bible everyday.
-how could you become a prayerful person if you doesn’t read bible at least 3 times a day.?,it is important to read your holy book for you to be open and to elevate your faith everyday and every seconds of your life through it you are able  to open your bible.(etc.)

You must devote time to have your prayer.
-you are not able to be called as a prayerful person if you are not giving time and being devoted to have your prayer’s. Asking why.? ask your self why it is so,so obvious to be ask right.?

Exercise to lengthen your time in praying.
-If you are bored and tired because you are praying in just 2-5 mins and it was like ohh my gaahdd.!-I feel so bored in praying i want to play blah! blah.! i want to go there.!
Instead of complaining nonsense things in your life give portion and honor God in your life Give praise devote time.(etc.)

Being bored by reading bible.?
-For me i can suggest that you can read the history books in the bible at first it is interesting and explore on it read it with the knowledge of the Lord  by His Guidance.


There are many things that you can do to exercise and to go higher point of your faith.It’s up to you how can you cooperate with your self and  not to put limitation to say that in this i am satisfied.-Be positive and put God first in your Heart.!

Remember There is no greater person in the world can say that i am more than God.!

God is everything.!
Be Bless.!



We must pray in every season even out of season we must pray, for the Lord God Almighty hears the prayer of a righteous person.

What is LOVE..

1 John 4:8

Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love…
If we talk about love there is so many things that love can be define.
one of this is, love can covers a multitude of sin.!
imagine that thing.? do I need to explain it.
we all know and we understand what does the scriptures says.
how blessed we are nowadays.I’m thanking God for His love that He gave His begotten son to save me , you from the life of death.
so give thanks to the one who sacrifice His one and only son for us.

What real life means?

Real life doesn’t mean that you are the richest man and the earth , but instead you must need to know that the real life compose of simplicity, adventure , trials or problem and etc, Just enjoy our living and make everything happy and valuable..

Each one of us had their own deep explanation of what the real life means, but for me this is the real life means.

  • Overcoming the trials , problems that knocking us always every single day in our lives and be firm.

  • Being passionate.

  • To love, care , share to everyone that is in need.

  • And the most of all is giving thanks to the Lord of what kind of status that my life has, i’d rather to become a poor man than a rich man that has no God on their lives.